If you are a veteran interested in applying for a service dog, please review the following information to determine if you meet our eligibility requirements.


  • You have served in any of the U.S. Armed Forces branches from any era and have received an honorable discharge.
  • You are under the age of 70.
  • Your medical professional has determined that you would benefit from a service dog.
  • You are a disabled veteran and comply with the
  • You are willing to have an in-home visit.
  • You are willing to have an interview to learn more about the program and tell us more about you and your needs. 
  • You can participate and will be committed to our one-week training program in Ocala, Florida.
  • You are dedicated to maintaining the dog’s training throughout the dog's life and can provide for the well-being of the dog. 
  • You can meet the physical and emotional needs of a dog and have an appropriate support system in place to do so if/when you are unable to yourself.
  • You meet all of the ADA Service Animal Guidelines.