James Davis, Retired Marine

With Trooper at His Side

In Jul 2018, James Davis was involved in a motorcycle accident that almost took his leg, fractured 2 vertebra in his back, rotated his hips and cause a lot of road rash. James was in wheelchair, walker, cane and was in need emotionally and physically for a Service Dog. In August 2019 James was truly blessed to have gotten Trooper, a Standard Poodle/Black Lab mix. Trooper has been amazing with James. The bond was instant and there surely in an undeniable love between them. He has sat by James side daily.
In Jan 2020 James fell in our yard. I happened to be home and Trooper alerted me "something" was wrong. He was barking and barking letting me know his person was hurt. I ran outside to see and Trooper led me to James who was lying on the ground, breath knocked out of him and he could hardly speak. I called ambulance immediately and he had fractured his back in 4 places. Trooper was very attentive to James and we had to hold him back so they can tend to James medical needs getting vitals. Then off they went in the ambulance together.
Trooper has been a great support for James and I am so comforted in knowing they have eachother.
In 2021-Trooper was diagnosed with cancer in a lump on head and it was surgically and successfully removed.
They are amazing together and we are blessed to have him as part of our family.
veteran kissing dog

Mark Rush, Retired Army

Living a more functional life

Bradley came into my life just over a year ago, but it seems like much longer than that. Bradley is full of energy and loves to help me out in any way he can. Bradley's specific training to my needs allows him to help me live a more functional life. There are certain things that I did not understand if I would be able to do again, but I found out with Bradley I can do them. He has a bond with me that a person nor a material item can provide. He is a big ball of energy, but when it's time to get into "Cape," he turns into my superhero. I am truly grateful for Patriot Service Dogs and the legacy they are passing on every year to help support wounded veterans like myself. You have touched me and my family's lives forever, and I couldn't imagine life without my buddy (Bradley). For that, I am truly grateful.


A light to focus on

Thank you again for Patriot. Patriot has shown me that there's still a light to focus on and fight for in my darkest times.

It's tough to stay mad at anything when Patriot is at my leg. In public, she's always watching me and understands when to put herself between me and anything else. The amount of stress that she has relieved, I can't compare to anything else. I can never stay depressed when she's got her grumpy cat toy in her mouth, prancing around like a princess.

Patriot has almost got rid of my paranoia in public places. In fact, we are both enjoying exercising at the park now.

Patriot Service Dogs saved my life. I will forever be a part of their family.

vet Joey and Patriot
Vet Philip and Rosa


She is My Rock

For Rosa and me, it has been an all-around new adventure! As a VFW, it is very hard to have a regular life and enjoy activities we endure day-to-day. Rosa saved me in many ways. She has helped me share the emotions that I longed to express. I have cried with her, and I have been happy when she barks and loves on me. When I am lonely and my wife has to go somewhere, Rosa is by my side no matter how long my wife is gone. She has also helped to ground me and keep me comfortable in life's serious challenges. I suffer from PTSD, TBI, seizures, and survivor's guilt (which has been the worst to overcome). She's spent many nights up with me when sleep has eluded me, and I've felt all alone. I can honestly say, "Rosa saved my life." I am sure I would not be here if not for this wonderful, beautiful, sweet, caring, and very alert dog!

To put it the best way, when I received her 6.5 years ago, my life changed for the better, and she is still my ROCK to this day. I could not imagine my life any better if it wasn't for her sweet and beautiful smile that I see everyday!!

PSD trained my Rosa Bean, and they prepared her for all the things that I faced on a normal day. Without her, I know how much trouble it would be to have the normal life I so deserve. The life of a combat vet (to me) is the absolute hardest life to live, but I can assure you that PSD knew what I needed when they met me. That is when they chose this perfect angel for me, and I could not have asked for a better life than the one I have here today! Thank you, PSD, for keeping the life going for this injured Combat Vet. I know my baby is getting ready to retire, but she is my ROCK!

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