Donation FAQ

I have a litter of puppies and would like to donate one to you. Do you take donated pups?

We love it when people ask to donate a pup to us. There are a few things we have to look at before accepting a puppy from a breeder.  First, we must have one of our people available to train the puppy and sponsorship to cover the costs. If we have both those things in place, we would be happy to talk to you about a donation.  To donate a dog, it must:

  1. Come from parents with certified “good“ hips (done by an x-ray at the veterinarian's office.)
  2. Be a breed we use. (This is a size issue.) We like our dogs to be the height of a wheelchair, so when retrieving an item, the person in the wheelchair can get it. (Think lab or golden size as a reference.)
  3. Be between the ages of 8 weeks and 12 weeks. We start our training when the pups are young. It is much easier to train them on how to do things correctly than to get rid of bad behaviors they might have learned.
I have a used kennel. Can I donate that?

We welcome donations of gently used items for our dogs in training. We do not have the ability to get the item from you, but welcome deliveries.

My family got a lab puppy for Christmas last year, but he is too much for us to handle now. Can we give him to you?

No, sorry. We train our pups from eight weeks old, so the training process is easier for the pup. Please look carefully for a family to re-home your pup with. Many breed-specific rescues might be able to help.