We have two types of raisers who work within our training program: Weekend Raiser and Puppy Raiser. Both have to fill out an application, complete an interview, and open their homes to a “home visit” to ensure a safe environment for the dogs. Both types of raisers are expected to attend “raiser meetings” in The Villages, FL (if you do not live near The Villages, we can work on an alternate solution to meet with you) and to follow all of our training rules. If raisers have previously volunteered for a different service dog or guide dog program, we expect them to adapt to our training program.

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Weekend Raisers

Weekend raisers work with our training team to help expose our dogs to things they would not experience with their inmate-trainers in the WOOF program. Typically, weekend raisers are given a dog between Thursday and Sunday (weekend raisers meet at a central location and do not pick the dogs up from prison themselves). Along with the dog, weekend raisers are given food, toys, a kennel, and the dog’s journal with instructions on what the dog needs to work on. It is expected that raisers will write an update on how the weekend went in the journal. Weekend raisers do not get to pick the dog they take and typically do not get the same dog every weekend. They are also expected to follow all puppy raiser guidelines and instructions for each visit. 

Weekend Raisers
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Puppy Raisers

Puppy raisers take on the responsibility of training a service dog for longer periods of time. After completing the puppy raiser application, they will be contacted for an interview and home visit. If approved to be a puppy raiser, they are provided with the supplies the dog needs and do not take on financial responsibility for the dog. Puppy raisers may be asked to take the dog to special events, our veterinarian, or to our training facility, The Landing. At some point, all of our dogs, even those primarily raised by a puppy raiser, will need to go into the WOOF program to be evaluated and “fine-tuned” by our inmate-trainers. We work with long-term puppy raisers on scheduling and training to provide the best experience for the raiser and dog alike. 


Other skills types of volunteers and skills we are looking for:

  • Grant Writing

  • Donation Item Collecting

  • Drivers (for veterans needing transportation to and from the airport during Advanced Training)

  • Fundraiser Organization


If you have a desire to help, we will gladly find a place for you in the Patriot Service Dogs Family! Please contact us to see how we can work together.