Welcome to Patriot Service Dogs

Welcome to the PSD Blog

Welcome! This blog is a new way for Patriot Service Dogs to communicate with our community and to reach out to potential veteran applicants, volunteers, and donors. This has been in the works for a long time, so we are thrilled to find you here. Make sure you subscribe to our digital newsletter to get the most recent updates and posts.

The PSD Blog will cover a few different kinds of stories:

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  • Success Stories—These posts will share the stories of our veteran/service dog teams who have already graduated and are living their lives as a working team and stories of our former inmate-trainers from the WOOF program who have been released and are making great strides “outside the wire.” For readers who have volunteered with the WOOF women or helped Weekend Raise a dog who has graduated, we hope these stories will be a reward for all your hard work. For folks just finding Patriot Service Dogs, we hope you will see the results of our efforts to help both veterans and incarcerated women.
  • Behind the Vest—What does it take to train an eight-week-old puppy who doesn’t know their name to become a professional service dog in just two-years? You’ll find out here! In this section of the blog, we will share how and why we train certain skills. This will also be an opportunity for us to brag about our awesome team of volunteer weekend raisers and inmate-trainers who put their heart, soul, and time into each dog we give them.
  • Julie’s Updates—At Patriot Service Dogs, we often think of the organization in three parts: the inmate-trainers working in prison, the “outside” volunteers, and the veterans. Most people involved with PSD only know one or two parts of the organization, but do not get to see how it all comes together. Our CEO, Julie Sanderson makes sure all parts keep turning and working together. In her updates, she will share the latest on the “big picture” for PSD.

*All sections of the blog will include photos from the stars of the show—our dogs.

How Can You Connect with the PSD Blog?

  • Sign-up for the digital newsletter to get monthly updates from the blog.
  • Share your favorite posts with friends through email and social media!
  • Comment! We want to know what you think, and we want to hear your questions.
  • Email us (victoria@patriotservicedogs.org) if there is a specific topic you are curious about. We will try our best to get it in the blog.

Thank you for joining Patriot Service Dogs in this new, virtual platform. Like everything at PSD, it will surely be an adventure!


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